Frequently asked questions...

When is your store front open?

Mon-Tue: Closed
Wed-Fri: 7AM-12PM
Sat: 8AM-5PM
Sun: 8AM-2PM

How big is your shop?

Our shop is very small, just like our donuts. About 500 sq/ft. We have bar seating that has 7 stools, a bistro table, and we have an outdoor patio in the back with a few tables. 

Why did you change your name?

“Lawyers, guns, and money” - Warren Zevon

Do you have any Gluten Free or vegan options?


Are you hiring?

Please check out our current openings under the job tab here on our website!

Large orders/pre-orders?

We'd love to help! We do not provide catering service but we can take pre-orders for large orders over 100 minis and up to 1,000. If you're interested in placing an order, please visit the "order" tab on our site. We can also take pre-orders for smaller quantities and coffee with just 24 hours notice. For immediate delivery please find us on Postmates.

Where can I find pricing for large orders?

Under the order tab up top.

Where can I find how many flavors can I choose for custom orders?

Under the order tab up top

How do I know what dates are available for custom orders?

Under the order tab up top

The quick order will not let me complete my order and is giving me an “out of merchant hours” prompt. Por que?

Because you are trying to place an order to pickup for LESS than 24 hours. We do require a FULL 24 hours notice. This is simply where we have drawn the line in order to properly prepare orders.

I own a business/I’m a photographer. Do I get a discount?


But I’m special. Again, can I get a discount or better yet, donuts for free?

No. Perhaps someday UNICEF will get into the donut business but for now they are 4 for $5.