We’ve been working our butts off building the shop while still making orders. The success of our kickstarter campaign allowed us to get the equipment we desperately needed, initial inventory and a majority of our building materials. However, there have been quite a few hurdles that have slowed things down. The biggest challenge was finding contractors within our budget, so most of the work has been done by us, our friends/family and incredibly generous people in the community. Even though the help has been amazing, it has taken quite a bit longer than we hoped. During this process, we’ve been continuing to pay quite a bit in rent, so we need your help to get over this hump to finish the last remaining tasks. Here’s what’s left:

- Final metal work on our exterior ADA ramp
- hand rails on our interior ADA ramp
- Last half of the epoxy grout behind the bar
- grout the wall tile
- trim for the base board and wall tile
- new doors for the patio and bathroom
- purchase proofer (for the raised donuts!)
- purchase initial coffee inventory 

To donate to our GoFundMe campaign, visit gofundme.com/over-the-hump-for-rebel-donut-bar 

We launched and met our Kickstarter goal! We're blown away by everyone's generosity and incredible support. We couldn't do this alone. We don't have fancy investors or deep personal pockets. We're just two regular people extremely determined to make our donut dreams a reality. It's taken many months and long nights to get here and we're excited to take the next step.

We’ve been working like mad securing our storefront, submitting our plans to the city and acquiring equipment, but we need your help to get us the rest of the way! We appreciate anything you're able to give to help us bring Rebel Donut Bar to life. Since our Kickstarter has ended, people have reached out for more ways to help. Spreading the word is a huge help. Feel free to repost and share our social media posts. If you would like support us further, you can donate directly to us below: