Sleepy V’s started in a Northeast Minneapolis apartment when owners V and KG purchased a $5 home deep fryer from a Goodwill and began playing with cake dough and apple cider. Owning a donut shop had been a dream of V’s for years and when it came time to quit his mechanic career of over a decade the dream would become a goal. 18 months later after countless brewery pop-ups, coffee shops, and farmers markets the goal would become a reality.

The doors opened in October 2017 and we haven’t slept since.

We proudly serve the best mini donuts in town as well as superb yeast raised donuts. We are fully dedicated to mastering the “donut flights” we have built our foundation on and to continuously pushing the envelope of what a donut can and should be.

We specialize in mini cake donuts, cream filled raised donuts, espresso drinks and fritters. We absolutely love making large, beautiful orders for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, office parties and graduation parties.

Our community is everything. Our roots run deep in NE and we are absolutely thrilled to be lucky enough to provide our best and friendliest service to our own. Our neighbors and our the surrounding community have welcomed us with the warmest of open arms and we are truly and deeply thankful for the outpouring of support.